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৳ 110.00৳ 5,280.00

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Carrom Gold Gift Cards can be used to gift someone who is an avid gamer of any game. Gamers old or new love to try out new games and upgrade their old ones. Select options to buy carrom gold coins to upgrade your gaming experience by trying out the new features that come with it and play disc pool games.


About Carrom Gold Gift Card

Carom is an exciting game which has been played offline for ages. It is known by many names around the world like Karambol, Karembol,Caram, etc. This quick to play disc pool game has the smoothest gameplay and jaw-dropping physics. Whether you call it Karambol, Karembol, Caram, or Carom, it’s just unlimited fun to play! So pick up your phone, aim for the hole, pot the pucks, and become the King of carrom board game!

৳ 110.00৳ 5,280.00


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