Honkai: Star Rail – a new take on tactical JRPG!

The space fantasy title is now available across PC, Epic Games Store, iOS, and Android

Global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse today announced
Honkai: Star Rail, the space fantasy RPG title, is now officially available on PC, Epic Games
Store, iOS, and Android. It is also confirmed that the titles PlayStation version is under
development. The epic intergalactic adventure, with various worlds to explore, refreshing
gameplay to experience, and distinctive characters to interreact, is finally about to commence. For
more information, please check:

Honkai: Star Rail is a space fantasy RPG title with a journey through immense worlds of the
unknown. The game features fantasy elements with myths and legends integrated into the space
scifi story. Combined with the intuitive turnbased combat system, large maps with maze
exploration, and immersive storylines that together compose an interstellar melody filled with
surprises and rewarding experiences, that echo throughout the universe!

Implanted with a [Stellaron], the protagonist bravely set sail for the galaxy to drill down to the
truth revolving around the so-called Cancer of All Worlds. Players will be able to experience a
vast universe abundant in distinctive cultures, landscapes, and scenery. From the Herta Space

Station where the knowledge reserve of the universe and the forthcoming journey has been
granted, to Jarilo-VI where numerous dangers and conflicts are frozen beneath the snow, to
Xianzhou Luofu, the silkpunk flagship infused with eastern fantasy where development and
dispute are focusing on the topic of immortality.


The star-chasing ride is a rite of passage for everyone that comes across Astral Express! Players
will meet new companions with distinctive backgrounds, personalities, and skill sets. March 7th
and Dan Heng, for example, the passionate girl and the indifferent guard of Astral Express, will
fight side by side from the very beginning. Meanwhile, their buried pasts shall be revealed soon
enough. More characters, such as Kafka, Serval, Jing Yuan, and Bailu, may vary from faction to
faction and area to area, but they are all part of the ravishing journey and willing to lend their
hands whenever necessary. Solving mysteries awaiting further investigation and overcoming
different kinds of challenges require collective wisdom and effort.

Honkai: Star Rail is available on PC, Epic Games Store, iOS, and Android now. Its PlayStation
version is under development and more information will be revealed later. The game has been
rated T for Teen by ESRB and 12 by PEGI. For more details and updates, please visit the
and follow @HonkaiStarRail on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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