Call of Duty Mobile Season 4 : VEILED UPRISING

Call of Duty Season 4: Veiled Uprising is here! This season, CODM is starting to shake things up with the introduction of the Ground War: Skirmish. It’s the first-ever hybrid mode that features elements of Multiplayer and Battle Royale. Apart from that, this season will feature a new Arsenal Multiplayer map where players can blast enemies with the Shock Wave Battle Royale class.

The Veiled Uprising Pass features free and premium items, including new Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, and additional COD Points to spend on your next Premium Pass or Store purchase.Call of Duty Mobile Season 4: Veiled Uprising

Battle Pass Free Tiers

This season’s battle pass will introduce the rapid-fire OTs 9 SMG, a firecracker of an SMG first introduced in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War.  This weapon can be unlocked at Tier 21.

Get the new Battle Royale Shock Wave class and knock back enemies with ease. Players can unlock this at Tier 14.

The other free Tier highlights include a variety of camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the M13 — Betwixt at Tier 50.

Premium Pass Tiers

If you got the Premium Pass this season, you can stand a chance to earn all the content available in the Veiled Uprising stream. This includes several menacing Operator Skins like Dame — Toxic Claws; Reaper — Style Assassin; American Bulldog — Inner Crimson; and Knight — Brute.

Other than that, the Premium Pass will also offer the Weapon Blueprints like the Man-O-War — Dial-Tone; DR-H — Harrowing Night; LAPA — Warmonger; PP19 Bizon — Gilded Dawn; and Kilo 141 — Gentleman’s Calling.

Season 4’s Ground Forces rewards include the Rivas — Blight Operator Skin, the Peacekeeper MK2— Vengeful Urge Weapon Blueprint, and the Backpack 4 — Shadowy Figure.

Ground War: Skirmish

This is a new feature like never before. The Ground War: Skirmish is a new hybrid mode, combining elements of Multiplayer and Battle Royale. Choose your desired Loadout and Battle Royale class and deploy to the Farm and Sakura points of interest on Isolated.

It’s a 12v12 mode, where teams battle for control over five objectives scattered throughout the map. Occupy an objective to score points for your team; once you’ve reached a certain score threshold, the S point will activate on the map, awarding double points to the occupying forces. You’ll need every bit of firepower to hold your position — or to break through the enemy line — so take full advantage of the vehicles on hand to bolster your chances of success.

New Multiplayer Map: Arsenal

This map was first featured in Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4, Arsenal takes Operators to a weapons and robotics manufacturing facility where some of the series’ most devastating Scorestreaks have been developed.

Infiltrate the center building and push the limits of your weapons, equipment, and Operator skill to hold your position as king of the hill as enemies pour in from all sides, including the ventilation shafts leading in and out of the building. To dominate at longer ranges, stick to the outer perimeter and engage your opponents from a distance. Operators who can navigate both the tight center and the outer flanking routes will be well on their way to victory.

New Battle Royale Class: Shock Wave

When you’re fighting toe-to-toe in Call of Duty Mobile, sometimes you just need to make some room. Activate the new Shock Wave class skill to knock back enemy players, vehicles, and incoming projectiles like grenades, rockets, and other explosives.

The Shock Wave deals minor damage to enemy Operator and vehicles. It can also be activated up to three times when players have full energy. Equip it when using a long-ranged weapon to fight off flank attacks. Or you can charge into close-quarters battle, blasting enemies off their feet and then finishing the job as they scramble to regain their position.

New Themed Event: The Lost Treasure

There are great treasures to be found… if you can find where they’re hidden. Earn the keys when you complete General and Special Tasks in Multiplayer and Battle Royale and use them to gain access to the hidden loot. Earn additional milestone rewards along the way and complete the event to earn the ultimate reward, The Lost Treasure.

New Seasonal Challenges and Featured Events

Season 4 also features new Seasonal Challenges and Events. Some of the rewards include Operator Skins, Weapon Blueprints, the new Dauntless Perk and more.

New Perk: Enemy slowing you down and harassing your position with Molotovs, Thermites, and Concussion Grenades? Equip the new Dauntless Perk for immunity to movement-reducing and burn effects.

New Pistol: Unlock the new Makarov Pistol, a powerful Secondary Weapon that makes for a dependable fallback in close-quarters situations when your Primary runs dry or isn’t right for the job.

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