Gift Card Buying Guide(Bangladesh)

In Bangladesh, Gift-Card industry is still under development. So, there is not many trusted seller in the market hence the scams are common in this line of business. However there are some verfication we can do to identify frauds.
1️⃣ Check Reviews – (5 STAR RATING DOES NOT MEAN THE SHOP IS TRUSTED) Bangladeshi people are well known for being ‘Witty’. So, of course they put fake reviews to appear trusted. However they can’t put a fake review from a authentic profile. Threrefore we have to check both reviews and and reviewers profile to identify if the review is authentic.????
2️⃣ Review Comments – We often see that a page has 20k likes and each post has 1000+ comments(Likes and comments can be bought) but as soon as we start reading the comments we know that the comments are fake. So, this can be a indication that the page is fake.
3️⃣ Interaction Test – Engage with the seller via chat to see their approach and ways of interatction. If a page is authentic they are doing it for business. So, they will be professional in most case.????
4️⃣ Website Verification: A legitimate seller may have a website, which can be a good sign of authenticity. ????
5️⃣ Helpline Communication: Call the seller and ask specific questions about the product to assess their legitimacy and knowledge. ☎️
We DCS and team hopes by following these tips, you can reduce the risk of falling victim to scams and enjoy a safer shopping experience. Happy shopping! ????????️

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