Ragnarok Origin Songkran Festival 2023 | More rewards await!

Ragnarok Origin Songkran Festival 2023

Woohoo! Songkran Festival is here at Ragnarok Origin!
Gear Up! It’s time to get Wet & Wild adventurers!
And for the Thailand community, Happy Thai New Year 2023!
From 11 till 19 April 2023, Ragnarok Origin (ROO) is having this in-game splash event ‘Songkran Festival’ in the mind to thank all players for supporting ROO with tons of gifts and rewards await!
Don’t miss this fun splash happy event in ROO adventurers !!???
Start claiming your rewards and collect your exclusive items now!

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? 7 Day Login Reward ?

Activity duration : Apr 11 05.00 am – Apr 19 04.59 am

Log in every day during the activity and get free rewards: Equipment Upgrade Selectable Gift Box, Pet Coupon, Super Pet Coupon, Gacha Lottery Ticket, Ultra Rare Card Coupon, Refreshing Coconut Portrait Frame

? Wet and Wild ?
Apr 12 : 05.00 AM – Apr 19 : 04.59 am
Get your water guns loaded, adventurer!
It’s time to splash your target! woohoo!
Either play alone or join any party to win Event Rewards, enjoy the fun adventurers!

Shoot water to the monsters now !!!

? Songkran Gift ?

Duration : Apr 13 : 05.00 am – Apr 16 : 04.59 am
During this duration, you can ‘ Songkran Gift’ with a good bargain by triple your rewards with only one purchase! Apart from that, you can also get a special “Songkran Frame” for free by log in 3 days in a row.

? Wheel of Talos ?

Duration : Apr 13 : 05.00 am – Apr 17 : 04.59 am
During this ‘Wheel of Talos’ event, Adventurers can choose 8 items to draw. The rewards? Collect Aiyara Coins and spin the Wheel of Talos to win rewards that include an Aiyara mount!
Wait! There is also a great discount for the first lucky draw. TQ ROO!

To level up faster, and become the strongest adventurer, you can use Nyan Berry.

Nyan berry is the in-game currency for Ragnarok Origin. You can use Nyan Berry to buy Discounted Packs in RO Shop. In this ‘Discounted Packs’, it sells RO Commemorative Gift Box and refinement items. These refinement items are used to refine your equipment: weapon, armor, and accessories. Besides, Nyan Berry also can be used to buy ‘Appearances’. In the RO Shop, ‘Appearances’ section, you can buy cosmetics such as headgear, and costumes to help increase your stats. And yes, it’s most highly used in Gacha ‘Wishing’ during the event period to obtain limited-time costumes, accessories, and exclusive event items.

  • Players can draw using nyan berry
  • Draw 1 = x120 nyan berry
  • Draw x10 = x1200 nyan berry


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